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A certified public accountant office that includes a group of experts for more than thirteen years in the field of legal accounting and tax services


We are committed to implementing all procedures that serve your company or corporation and avoid exposure to tax evasion crise


The financial and accounting transactions of your company or project require high accuracy, and this is what Plus Audit guarantees you

We develop for the better and search for the perfect solution We leave a distinctive imprint with distinguished professional cadres.

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Our Services

Corporate accounting services

Provide a comprehensive and sound blueprint for all your company accounts and record all legal and accounting books, as required by Egyptian commercial law and the competent authorities.

Audit services

All successful companies depend on auditing and auditing, which refers to examining the financial statements and accounting records. Review the financial statements and accounts, and ensure the validity and accuracy of the data in your company's records.

tax services

All company owners are looking for tax services through tax advisory offices that can be trusted and work with a high degree of skill and quality in dealing with the Tax Authority and government institutions.

Company formation services

We help you establish all types of companies, providing various consultations in the field of corporate affairs, and facilitating obtaining of the necessary documents for your company or project.

Your company's accounting, tax, and legal needs in one place

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