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We are Plus Audit pioneers of auditing, taxation, and all accounting services, With over 13 years of experience in the Egyptian market, and by serving many vital sectors and working with local and international institutions, Plus Audit has been able to help many companies and institutions develop their business and control their accounts with the most accurate reviews.
- Development of a thoughtful tax plan
- Avoid tax evasion and blacklists.
-Adopt global standards; To identify and develop strengths
- Identification and improvement of vulnerabilities

What prompts you to choose Plus Audit as a tax advisor and partner for success?


A certified public accountant office that includes a group of experts for more than thirteen years in the field of legal accounting and tax services


We make sure you file all necessary tax forms, inspect your financial records, and promptly create accurate and thorough reports.


We are devoted to following all protocols that benefit you and your corporate entity in order to stay out of tax evasion problems and listings.


We offer you highly effective and precise accounting services and tax guidance since our company consists of a group of specialists and accountants with excellent certifications and skills.


High accuracy is required for the financial and accounting operations of your business or project, and Plus Audit ensures this for you through a variety of services.


We assure you that it will stay secure for you since it is our job to uphold the privacy and security of your company's data and to retain any information pertaining to your firm.

Our Mission

We continuously strive to develop our services and reach the highest standards of quality and efficiency, which meet the level of our customers, and help reach the maximum degree of performance and profitability.


Company Establishment


- Ensure that our customers are directed to every decision that will positively affect the organization and develop its business.
- Providing distinguished services through innovative ways and advanced solutions that support your organization in all aspects.
- Providing an interactive work environment dominated by team spirit and fruitful in your company's advancement and your business's development.


- Our goal is to support sales and increase profits.
- Create harmonious coordination between departments
- Developing institutions and raising the efficiency of their performance


Improve quality, reduce costs and provide multiple services in one place By providing integrated business development services, starting from company incorporation and auditing services, through tax and financial consulting, to administrating development and training.

Our Team

Ibrahim Fathi

Board Member

Mohamed AlOqda

Board Member

Mostafa Salam

Board Member

Abd-Allah Hussein

Office Manager

Ahmed Khafaga

First Auditor

Mahmoud Alshihy


Mohamed Mamdouh


Farghali Hussein

Auditor Assistant

Haseeb Samir

Auditor Assistant

Mohamed Mostafa

Auditor Assistant

Ahmed Algtma


Yahia Ismail


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