Plus Audit

Tax services

Depending on the nature of their operation, all significant firms and entities rely on tax consulting services as crucial instruments. Many businesses have experienced financial losses as a result of their ignorance about the nature and scope of their taxes. Plus Audit provides you with comprehensive and varied tax services that ensure you receive the greatest advantage and lower your tax obligations by:

- Submission of value-added declaration - monthly
- Submission of job earning declaration - quarterly
- Submit Form 41 Deduction and Collection Quarterly
-Submission of income tax returns - annually
- Preparing the company's annual budget Carrying out the tasks of processing and preparing company files for tax examination

What Plus Audit offers you via tax services

Follow up and ensure the safety of your tax business:

We periodically follow up on the nature of the tax plan and ensure the accuracy of its results monthly or quarterly.

Rapid response to tax administration requirements

We provide all tax administration requirements with extreme accuracy and speed to support the confidence of those parties in the system and management of your company and to ensure its credibility in various transactions.


Calculating the tax and net profit of the company

We are keen to provide accurate and comprehensive reports of the total tax calculated on the company's profits and to estimate the tax liabilities imposed on your organization, in addition to submitting documents and declarations to the Tax Authority.

Tax planning services

It is one of the necessary tax services your company needs; To make the most of the opportunities that investors get legally by applying the correct law instructions that increase your company's credibility.

Review tax returns

We follow up on the VAT application, apply for revision of VAT calculated value, and offer VAT refund services charged to landlords and landlords.


Preparing and processing an annual tax return

Preparing a monthly tax return, settling annual taxes on wages and salaries, and working to end any tax disputes or disputes.

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Tax advice

We offer you a variety of tax advice to improve your company's financial, accounting, and tax position and your commitment to all state dues and avoiding legal liability.

competent team

Through our team of experts and specialists, you can support your organization's tax and financial situation, and now you will not feel any worries about the deadlines for submitting and filing declarations.

Bookkeeping for your company

Our accounting team organizes all your business transactions, and we prepare and present comprehensive financial statements that give you an insight into your activity and business.

Comprehensive follow-up

Plus Audit offers complete bookkeeping solutions for your company, keeping all your information and data organized and tidy to keep you on the right track.

We seek to become your ideal success partner in supporting your company's success and business development.