Plus Audit

Accounting Services

With a solid plan for all of your company's accounting and a close examination of your accounting records, Plus Audit offers you specialists and professional support. All of this is done in accordance with Egyptian and worldwide accounting standards. Through this service, you may manage emergencies and come to the best conclusions.

- Different types of financial reports and financial statements.
- Registration of legal books.
- Preparing the company's accounting and financial records.
- Preparing schedules, financial statements, and planning budget
- Building an accounting system that matches the size and nature of your business

What Plus Audit offers you through accounting services:

Optimally perform your financial tasks:

We help you constantly update all your financial and administrative reports, provide the right and best opinion of the integrity of your financial statements, besides improve the payment process for your financial and tax obligations.


Financial Accounting:

We collect and provide your company's financial data periodically, whether in specific months or annually. It is a product of analyzing and compiling your financial dealings, whether expenses or profits, which contribute to financial audits and obtaining loans or new partnerships.


Accounting Administration

We provide you with information in making your management decisions associated with the company through monthly or quarterly reports, and these reports support your opinion on taking appropriate action.


internal audit

In this case, we monitor the workflow from within the company or organization, so make sure that there is no manipulation or waste of your company's resources, but this may include all aspects of your company or specific sections.

Cost accounting

This quality depends on determining the appropriate cost of your services and products and counting production expenses; This contributes to pricing your product accurately and enhancing your company's competitiveness by offering the best prices and offers.


Forensic Accounting

We check for this type of manipulation or fraud; We will then provide a set of recommendations and detailed reports to the competent authorities regarding the appropriate decision or judgment.


What makes Plus Audit your best choice in accounting services?

Grow your business

We provide you with integrated accounting services, which will enhance your business activity and grow your business volume, improve the quality of your business and accelerate the rate of growth and development of your services.


Your success means our success, and we are always keen and striving to achieve unprecedented success for your company by acquiring customers and a distinguished reputation among your competitors.

Improve your plans

Submit accurate periodic reports that clarify your company's financial position and support your plan for future development and development with a realistic and more precise view in line with the size of your business and contribute to doubling your profits.

Saving time and effort

Our accounting services aim to save the time, effort, and money that your company's tasks require, and we work to get it done as quickly as possible and in more accurate ways as well as doing all those tasks.

We always have the perfect solution.