Plus Audit

Audit Services

This service includes a series of activities and processes carried out by a specialised expert auditors to issue a suitable decision or opinion with a raised issue or crisis, as well as reviewing all financial records of various institutions to ensure their compliance with governmental accounting rules and policies. The audit and review procedure is not very difficult, but it does call for highly skilled professionals in the field of accounting. And this is what Plus Audit offers you:
- Auditing the company's accounts on an appropriate periodic basis
- Make a monthly closing to know the company's financial position
- Monitoring the company's cash flows to prevent a default in paying the company's obligations
- Preparing the company's annual budget and dividend distributions to partners

What Plus Audit offers you through its audit services:

Doing an analytical study

First, we will study all financial operations and ensure their safety to detect any manipulations or errors and search for their source to conduct tests to find the correct information.

External audit

Another broker carries out the audit process away from the company to inspect and verify all records and documents and provide a detailed report on the credibility of the company's financial books.

Performance audit

Your organization needs a performance audit process to conduct an accurate and detailed examination of all company transactions and activities to identify the best way to take advantage of the resources.

Operational audit

In this case, we study all aspects of your company's organizational activities and get to know its future goals well, and set a specific time frame for implementing those goals.


We first start planning a detailed program called Audit Procedures and Tests, in line with the requirements and needs of each client to study his work activity and its accounting system.

Audit tasks with specific objectives

They are specific tasks that we perform in audit services according to the requirements and desires of clients, such as the audit process for the company's regulatory requirements or the commercial integration requirements.

What makes Plus Audit your best choice for auditing your company's accounts?

Offer expertise and advice

We provide you with a group of experts and consultants to provide sound and thoughtful opinions on everything related to the internal control system and financial management.

Organizing work

During this stage, we divide the tasks direct them to the competent person, and start reviewing and displaying all previous violations and errors to find the most suitable solution for your organization.

Preparing final reports

After completing the audit and review, we collect all the information reached and present it in a final report that includes errors and failures and ways of improvement and monitoring.

Discuss the results

We organize meetings to discuss the results obtained during the review process. We propose the best solutions that fit the problem and then take the necessary actions for the improvement process.

We always have the perfect solution.