Plus Audit

Establishment Of Companies

One of the most vital services provided by Plus Audit is establishing new companies by working on the completion of all incorporation procedures and the implementation of everything related to legal matters and issues. We work to provide legal assistance to individuals; To prove the establishment of their activity legally at the highest resolution.

- Establishing all kinds of companies
- Making the appropriate decision when establishing your company or project
- Completion of all procedures for incorporation and publicity of companies
- Registration of companies in the commercial register

What Plus Audit offers you through the company formation service

Company contract

We help you establish your company through the legal framework and the processing of the company's founding contracts in addition to the employment contracts and then the documentation by the competent authority.


Commercial Register

Commercial registration is one of the most important legal documents you need; To make any business agreements with other companies, which is a legal authorization to engage in your business.

Tax card

We register your company in this legal document, considered an important document you issue through the Tax Authority, which gives you the authority to engage in commercial activity within the country.


Value-added registration certificate

We calculate the value-added tax with high precision and take advantage of all tax opportunities, providing various tax advice and distinguished services in tax planning.

Enrollment in the register of exporters, importers, and commercial agents

We Submit all the unique documents and papers required to register the trader or the company's owner in the importers' report and review the conditions for registering public bodies and the public sector in the exporter's write.


Register the company in the electronic invoice

We provide the tax value declaration and all monthly and annual returns regularly, together with paying the tax electronically and paying the values of the violations.


What makes Plus Audit your best choice when starting your company?

Establishing all kinds of companies

Whatever the type and activity of the company you wish to establish and its various legal forms, whether individual, companies or persons, partnership companies, etc.

Execution speed

You can establish your company within only 48 hours and as soon as you request the establishment of your company. We will expedite the implementation of the procedures and submit all the required documents to the concerned authorities.

lower cost

We help you establish the best type of company you choose with the lowest expenses and the most reasonable cost.


We have the honesty to view the best opportunities of the company legal form by your objectives of incorporation and presenting all the expenses you need.

We always have the perfect solution.